Monday, July 18, 2011


Heart. My boy played his out tonight. There is a quote that says "pitchers, like poets,are born not made." and it is so very true. My boy is an athlete through and through. We were up by 3 and switched pitchers, the new pitcher wasn't on and the other team scored 7 runs in that one inning. The next inning Kyle was brought in and faced the tough job of holding the other team...and he excelled. I have never seen anything like it. Ever. He got his zen on. For real. Before every pitch he would close his eyes, take a breath and face the batter with a focus that was confident, intimidating and exhilarating to witness. He "one, two, three'd" them all night! And we came back for an astounding win. To say that I am a proud mamma is an enormous understatement. It's not just baseball that the kid faces with this kind of peaceful focus, it's every aspect of life. Yes, he gets frazzled at times (like his mamma) but when it comes down to it, he meets challenges and pressure head on and comes out on top. What a game. What a boy!


  1. So very proud of him. I love watching him play sports and yes he does so with His whole Heart and Soul. Wish I could have seen this game!
    Love you!

  2. Thanks mom! And yesterday we went to church st. And there was an older man/entertainer who stopped us and was talking to us, and said to Kyle..."you must be a ball player, YOU are a pitcher if I've ever seen one!". Ky was amazed and pretty proud of that ;)