Sunday, January 1, 2012

A birthday-graduation-holiday-blog

I have neglected this blog for far too long!

So much has happened, each event deserving of it's own blog entry, but for now I have to get them all out in one.

For starters, my baby girl turned 10! Double digits! It was a big deal!

For her birthday, we redid her whole room (pictures and blog to come), and also threw her a huge birthday party with a 9-girl-sleepover that followed. She was thrilled :)

Some of Jordan's birthday crew

JoJo and Miki-Bean

Synchronized swimming :)

9 girls came for a slumber party!!


On December 9th, I graduated from LSC...with a 4.0! Woohoo!!

Although I was excited to graduate, I woke up that morning feeling a little sorry for myself. I have had many supporters throughout this journey, and four of my most devoted supporters who cheered me on, gave me pep talks and encouraged and inspired me were thousands of miles away and unable to be with me on my day...or so I thought!!

My Mom, Step-dad, Uncle Sam, and Auntie Kim flew in from Arizona and surprised me! I was so surprised, felt so loved, and am still so overwhelmed with gratitude!

I am so very thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life.
I am a lucky girl!

Proud parents!

Kyle and Levi

Me and Rhonda, my advisor and also one of my favorite professors. I am grateful for her guidance.

Me and Meri, another favorite professor. She inspires me!!
Me and Peggy, another favorite professor...and also an inspiration.

My Mom and Auntie Kim. Sweet and beautiful.

My poor baby girl was so sick, but she was a trooper and refused to miss my graduation. Such a sweety.

Yet another surprise...

What a special surprise that my Uncle Sam, an LSC Distinguished Alum, spoke at my graduation. It was beautiful.

Listening to his speech...

Kyle, my Momma, and me...she's proud of me :)

Mom and Ervin. So lucky to have them in my life :)

The next pictures are of my graduation dinner party. My sweet husband arranged such a beautiful night. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so much love...

My best friend. His love and support are indescribable. I am so grateful...

 The next bunch of pictures are of Christmas eve...I am so very grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life!

Grampa Mitchell's strong, worked, 80-something year old hands...beautiful.

Cousin Dale and his son David.

Kurt captured this amazing picture.

Chores with Great-Grampa on Christmas Eve.

Cousins! Reunited!

We spent our childhood together. So many fond memories. We were like sisters!

JoJo chatting with Grampa...

Grammy Mitchell and her girls...

Christmas Eve with Grammy and Grampa Daniels...

So much LOVE. Poor Kurt isn't in any of the pics because he took them all...

Grammy and "her Angel"...a title I will never tire of.
You are right Grammy..."Life is good"

My sweet, silly, spunky, wild, witty, creative, big-hearted girl.

My handsome, compassionate, kind-hearted, sweet-natured, hopeful, energetic, loving boy.

I am so very blessed. I have everything I've ever wanted and more.