Saturday, May 14, 2011

Take me out to the ball game...

My mom gently reminded me that I have not posted, for what has apparently been, far too long. We have had so much going on that I have a ton to write about but little time to do it. Thanks for the push mama ;)

Baseball season is finally here :) We love this time of year. Spring always fills me to the brim with energy and hope. I love this season for so many reasons; everything is so alive, growth is everywhere whether it be in my kiddos (who, by the way, had to get new wardrobes because they are growing so much so fast), Jordan's garden, friendships (old and new), or our own personal growth and accomplishments (I finished another semester of college 4.0 intact! Now I have two summer classes and a fall internship and I will be DONE!)

Kyle is playing his last year of little league for the Dodgers and Jo is playing minor league softball for the Cardinals. Kurt is coaching both teams :) We have been reunited with our baseball families and it is wonderful. I love cheering for the kiddos of this community, I love the camaraderie that they have with each other and that we parents share as well. It is beautiful and warms my heart.

Being a mama is so very rewarding.

My heart nearly bursts with pride watching my boy on the pitchers mound, all confident and almost thirteen. He is turning into a man right before my eyes and, although I miss his baby self so much, I LOVE, ADMIRE, RESPECT, and take so much PRIDE in the man he is becoming. He is an athlete through and through...and an amazing ball player. He is an incredible pitcher and shortstop...actually, he excels wherever he is put on the field and in life. He handles pressure like no one I've ever known. He smiles, takes a breath and when he makes a mistake he stays positive and shakes it off. He learned this from his coach, his dad. This little man of mine is well equipped for life, of this I am certain.

My heart is so happy and proud watching Jordan play softball. She is such a little dynamo...she is still learning the game but is so much fun to watch. And the girl LOVES her daddy and is thrilled that he is her coach. She listens to his advice and always tries her best. She is FAST! I've never seen a girl her age run like she does. She has super long legs and was born powerful...she is a force to be reckoned with, and, like her brother, is an athlete through and through. She is an amazing kid. She is always such a source of happiness for everyone around her. She knows how to make people laugh and she does it whenever she gets the chance. She makes everything more fun. Like her daddy, she does not take anything any more seriously than it should be taken...she loves life, moves along at her own pace and enjoys every moment...I am learning a lot from my girl.

I cannot post about baseball season at fisher field without also mentioning my Uncle Frenchie. He is so deeply missed. As happy as I am to be eating, sleeping and breathing baseball/softball right now, I am also missing him everyday. I miss seeing his car parked practically ON the field, and hearing him honk for a great play. He was such a fan of all kids and is so very loved!

I will post pictures of baseball soon...

Tonight Jordan is with her Grammy-Laurie, getting spoiled with a new dress to wear after her dance recital, and Kyle is going to a friends house. AND...Mama and Daddy are going on a date :) We rarely go anywhere without the kiddos because, quite frankly, we don't care to! Don't get me wrong, we love going on dates and spending some alone grown-up time together, but we will inevitably miss the kiddos and talk about them the whole time and wish they were with us.

I am so very grateful for this family of mine.

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  1. I love your passion for your baseball/softball families...and I miss this time of year in Vermont.Always so nice to be able to attend a game when I am home and given the opportunity to visit with family and friends at these events.
    You put into words exactly my emotions toward missing Uncle Frenchie and how his presence at ballgames was so heartwarming. His love of the game and for all the kids in the community was overwhelming. I know he is missed by all. He was truly amazing.
    I love the pride and love I sense through your description of your kiddos and their personalities and achievements..Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great blogging..I love you!