Thursday, May 19, 2011

On with the show this is it!

My girl lit up the stage at her dance recital tonight! She loves to dance. She looks forward to her lessons every Monday. But she especially loves to dance on stage. In front of an audience. Boy does she love an audience. She never gets nervous. NEVER! She gets those nerves of steel from her Daddy, for sure.

I am so proud to be affiliated with such an amazing dance company. Sonia and Kay are such incredible dance instructors and the show was absolutely perfect! They put a lot of work and passion into what they do and it shows!

I am always so moved by watching Jordan and all of my other girls up on that stage. They are growing up so fast. I remember the feeling of having a "dance family" and I am so grateful that my girl gets to experience that too. Its a different experience than school friendships...they are sharing their passion and love of dance with each other...developing their art form...wishing each other luck...encouraging one another and congratulating each other on a job well done. They are learning so much more, in that dance studio every week, than simply how to dance. Sonia and Kay will instill values in them that they will carry for the rest of their lives.

I absolutely love the preparation that goes into the show, and even though I may have huffed a little bit when Jordan let the door close in my face while I was carrying her costumes and dance bag in one hand and my bag, camera, water bottles and every other thing we might need in the other (while all she carried was her pretty little self)...I loved every minute of it. I cherished every moment of it and when I watched the graduating seniors up on stage, I cried. I always do. I cried because I know what it feels like to leave that dance family. I cried because I was so very proud of them and moved by their passion. But most of all, I cried for their families...for their moms. Because someday that will be my girl getting ready to dance into a new chapter of her life, one where I won't be needed as much; one where she will carry her own stuff.

So, for now, I am soaking up every second of her littleness and cherishing every single moment!

P.S. Thank you, Mom, for all your years of "dance service" (13 years to be exact!). You were surely underappreciated ;) I have so many wonderful memories of the two of us during my dancing years and am so very grateful to get to share similar experiences with my own little girl. You are a wonderful mother...and I appreciate all of the times you "carried my stuff".


  1. Thank you for allowing the cherished memories that I hold so dear to my heart to emerge and fill me with overwhelming emotion as I read your blog. You put into words all the emotions I felt as the Mom of a beautiful dancer. And yes, Kay and Sonia have inspired many young performers in the community and they give 100 percent so that families are blessed with an awesome show year after year. I loved every second of the years of dance when you "allowed" me to "carry your stuff"! Tee Hee. I would love to relive those years so cherish every little moment. I know that you do.
    I remember the pride and love that consumed me. Always feeling as though my heart would burst. Now it has only multiplied immeasurably as you share with me the heartfelt emotions you hold for your children. You are an amazing Mom and for that I am so proud. As you write about your family I can feel the love and admiration that you hold in your heart. Knowing that you embrace this feeling as "the most important in life" makes me so happy. If there was anything in life that I wanted you to excel at it was to be a loving, supportive, involved parent to your children and to let them know every day how much you love them and how proud they make you. Jennifer, you have gone over and above any expectation I had of that for you. You are amazing. So happy for your little family. Always make that your most important goal. No matter the challenge. Family First. Always be a constant in their lives.
    Love you so much. Mom

    Dance and Shine Little Jo...glad you love to entertain because you are definitely a Star!!

  2. Oh that was such a sweet post and such a loving comment from your mom! HI Val!
    Funny I was thinking last night boy I need to thank my mom cuz the moms do so much during this busy time. It is amazing though to watch the girls pride and confidence on the stage! I'm glad they are doing it together!

  3. Holly, thanks for the comment! I am so glad our girls are dancing together too! Caitlin reminded me at school the other day that she and Jo have been dancing together "since the beginning", so "like 6 years" ;) I love your girl!

    Mom, thank you, your comment made me cry! There are no words. If I am excelling at anything I have you to thank. I love you!!