Friday, June 3, 2011


I so love this time of year! Baseball and softball, the anticipation of: summer vacation, swimming lessons, lazy beach days, all-star baseball season, the kiddos athletic camps at XIP, and weekends spent swimming and relaxing at camp! We are crazy busy but we are loving every moment of it :)
We know that these are the days we will miss when Kyle and Jordan are all grown up and moved out (if I had it my way they would live with us forever...seriously).

Kyle is growing and maturing faster than ever. I blink and he's bigger, stronger, faster, smarter...its incredible. The greatest part is that (so far) his sweet, sensitive, compassionate, loving personality has not turned "teenage" yet. He is such a sweet boy. And he knows just how to make his momma smile. Our relationship is strong, and I hope that that doesn't change. I have this irrational fear that the moment he turns into a teenager (less than two months!) he is going to slip into "that" place...the snarky, my parents know nothing, I would rather be with my friends than my family, teenage place. UHG! One more year of middle school and my baby will be heading to highschool...I'm not ready and I'm pretty sure I never will be.

Jordan has also been growing faster than ever! And she is gaining skills like crazy! Last year during softball season she barely knew she was on the field let alone what she was supposed to be doing there! This year I expected a slight improvement just because she was older and had a year of softball under her belt. She wowed us. Girl can play some serious softball! She is amazing! She knows the rules, where the play is, who is supposed to do what, and she hits like crazy! Its super fun to watch her. She is so confident. I love to see that confidence that comes with mastery of a new skill. I love the pride that spills across her face in the form of a tiny grin that she always tries to hide. That modest little grin is one of my favorite things.

And now for some pictures that belong in older posts but oh well they are going in this one...

DANCE RECITAL! Jordan looking beautiful
& me still sweaty from running to and from the
 parking lot 4 times because we left out tickets at home!!

This is her "be serious for a second" face...after 700 intentionally goofy pictures

Signing dance yearbooks

The Adams Family

My girl on her perch watching her brother play ball

"enough with the pictures momma!"

I love that guy...

When he's not dominating on the pitchers mound,
the kid is a phenominal short stop!

Silly girl

Go K-man

We are looking forward to a weekend filled with ballgames and family. Both kiddos have games tonight and tomorrow, and Sunday will be spent at camp celebrating my cousin Desirae's graduation from highschool. Yay Des :) 


  1. They have grown so much. Not only their height but they have matured into such loving "Young Peopl"e with huge hearts. Grammalamma had a wonderful time with them and feels so blessed to have been able to attend all the ballgames. Enjoy your summer. Love ya, Mom

  2. Jen, I also cannot believe how much they are growing up! You have always been a mother I've admired, you've raised those kids to be so kind. I hope my trio are as sweet as yours when they are that age. And may I just say how cool it is to see Jordan looking exactly like her momma in those dance photos??

  3. Hey Jen!

    Your kids are great! I LOVE hearing stories from Caitlin about her and "Jo". It brings me back.... I really hope that you guys are well and send you the best best best wishes!

    xo Honi