Thursday, August 9, 2012

I remember...

(* It should be noted that my "baby" graduated 8th grade in June and it is now August. I have tried to write this post numerous times now but have had to stop because I just can't find the words.)

I remember everything about the moment I became a momma. That breath-taking, cell-altering, magical moment that forever changed my life. In an instant my boy taught me what it meant to really truly love. Whole-heartedly and unconditionally.

I remember all of it...His eyes - the most beautiful blue I'd ever seen. His tiny little baby fingers. All wrinkly and square nailed. I remember tiny sweet little baby feet and fat cheeks that I couldn't resist kissing. Now? Those baby hands and feet are so much larger than my own & I have to look up to look into those blue eyes. And that sweet fat baby handsome, manly and requires a razor...

I barely remember who I was before. I know that I was timid and shy, quiet and unsure...until I became Kyle's Momma. He brought out a confidence in me that I had never known. Being his mother came naturally and I loved him with a ferocity that I never knew existed. I instantly became a loud, protective, confident, stubborn, determined, "nobody messes with my boy" - advocate. I will forever be his greatest fan, loudest advocate, most ferocious protector, and always - his softest haven.

I remember worrying about him whenever he was away from me; was he comfortable? too hot? too cold? hungry? sad? in pain? nervous? sad? needing his momma? ...and that hasn't changed. Never will.

I remember when my youngest sister and brother started high school and I thought to myself: I am never going to be okay with this when it's my own kiddos...

...but I am.

I'm okay with it because I know my boy- ahem- my man. I know him better than anyone. And I know that he is going to be amazing. He is going to ROCK high school.

Kyle has grown into the most amazing person. The American Legion Certificate of School Award he won at graduation sums it up beautifully: recognition of the possession of those high qualities of Courage, Honor, Leadership, Scholarship and Service...

My boy is sweet, respectful, bold, courageous, crazy-athletic, resourceful, efficient, hilarious, energetic, quirky, helpful, kind-hearted, hard-working, and oh-so-lovable.



I could (clearly) go on and on about this.

Bottom line? I believe in my boy, and as hard as it may be for my heart that he is growing up so quickly and beginning a new chapter of his life; a chapter of change, growth and independence...I am equally excited, proud and confident that he will be amazing, successful and happy - no matter what path he chooses. 

He's got this!

In fact, he's gonna knock it outta the park...

...and I'll be the one with tears in her eyes - cheering the loudest!


  1. And I will be right next to you with tears and so much pride and love in my heart! Not only for that kind, loving, caring, gifted and talented amazing young man....but for my amazing child with her big brown eyes and all the same traits she has instilled in her boy! You and Kurt have raised two precious children! So proud of The Adams Family! The true meaning of FAMILY! Thanks for sharing such inspiration! I love love love how much you love and cherish Ky and Jo and how you will always be by their side and always slways have their back!! Be prepared for so many cherished moments ahead! XO. I love how you love!! ;)

  2. Thank you, Mom! I learned from the best ;)

    I love you so much. Your comment made me cry.

  3. Jen..... great writing. Now please help me find a way to make time slow down. Henry is getting ready to start preschool and it's making my heart so heavy. Two mornings away from me? What if what if what if?

    Great pictures, great stories!

  4. Thanks, Honi!
    I'm sure Henry will love preschool! Good luck! And if you find a way to slow down time, please do share it with me! Until then- cherish every moment (I know you do)- because before you know it you will be the one writing about sending your baby to high school ;)