Monday, January 10, 2011

Basketball Superstars (& of course some proud-mamma-bragging)

Our basketball season is in full swing and both Kyle and Jordan are playing. This is Kyle's 5th year and Jordan's 2nd. They are both incredible! They are so much fun to watch. Kyle is super fast and explosive, never slows down, never quits and never lets up (even if they are clearly not going to win). He steals the ball away from opponents before they even realize what happened. His ball handling skills are beyond impressive; behind his back, between the legs of opponents, I can't even name all the tricks he's learned through countless hours of dribbling around the house. Best of all, he has an amazing attitude. He epitomizes sportsmanship and I couldn't be prouder!  

Jordan is still learning the game but handles the ball like she was born dribbling one. She loves her coaches and asks them all kinds of great questions. She takes their feedback and applies it to her game and gets better and better with every practice. She was born determined! She is gaining confidence, skills and height. She is crazy tall! And has these incredibly loooong and powerful legs that make her F.A.S.T.  It drives Kyle crazy when his friends make comments about how she is almost as fast as him ;) The other night at Kyle’s basketball practice the boys were running suicides and Jo decided to join them (in her socks). She raced those 12 & 13 year old boys and came in 3rd!! She didn’t even boast, just tried to hide a grin.

Love this one

In basketball, Jo is #1 & Ky is #2, but in baseball, Ky is #1 & Jo is #2
(strange bc completely unplanned!)


Jo shooting a foul shot



Warming up

Captains, coaches & refs ;)

Ky about to blow right by the other team!

Taking a shot...

...and another.

I love watching these two. Whether it’s snowboarding, swimming, playing in the snow, playing a board game, softball, baseball, football, children’s theater, Dance, skate-boarding, or basketball, I am and always will be their biggest fan.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! love the photos of our little athletes! Great job kiddos! Can't wait to shoot some hoops with you!! :)You can both give Grammy some pointers!!!