Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Mom

I am a lucky girl. I have a life surrounded and defined by love. My first and most influential & enduring experience of love was my mother's. And boy does she know how to love. I strive to be the kind of mother to Kyle and Jordan that she is to me. She is constant, warm, steady, affectionate, strong, brave, compassionate, empathetic, and unfaltering in her commitment to her family. And she is POSITIVE. J As crazy as it used to make me (as a morning-challenged teenager) that she would be up and happily whistling or humming as I grumbled around all half-human-like (and it must be said Mom, the grumpier I got - the louder you whistled!), her positive “look on the bright side” attitude has, in fact, found its way into my brain and my heart. The older I get the more I resemble her…and I am so very grateful.
So, Mom, thank you for all of your mom-isms that jump around in my brain and settle in my heart just when I need them the most! (And I’m sure Ky & Jo will someday thank you too, as I say these things to them often)
“It is what it is”
“It could be worse”
“Everything happens for a reason”
“We have each other”
“We are rich with love”
Oh and another favorite that my Uncle Sam always says to me at exactly the moment I need to hear it…
”This too shall pass”

Life is good and just keeps getting better, but for the bumps along the way that shape & eventually strengthen us, it’s amazing what a loving mother can provide for a daughter’s soul.

Thank you Mom

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  1. WOW! Thank you my precious daughter. Wish I could see to write this through these tears of overwhelming emotion. To hear that I make a difference is so appreciated as I have strived to be a Mom who loves unconditionally and to be there for you always. My heart is so full of love and YES, "positive" thoughts" when it comes to my family that I sometimes feel it could truly burst. By the way, REALLY, my whistling and humming got louder?! Not intentional! Tee Hee! Maybe I just had to be overheard above the grumbling!
    I love you Jennifer Leigh! More than words could ever say. And I am so proud of you and the MOM you are to those two beautiful children. Also you are a very lucky found your best friend and soulmate in the most amazing guy. Thank goodness that once in awhile you didn't listen. I remember you coming home after just meeting Kurt and saying, "Mom, I have met the man I am going to marry!" And I said "Jennifer, REALLY?!? You just met him. The two of you truly complete one another!
    Cheers to a long, happy, successful, amazing, positive, healthy and over the top -"TOP SHELF" life to you and your amazing family! ;) Thank you! Love, Your Marma