Friday, January 7, 2011

Jumping in

START A BLOG...this has been on my to-do list for too long. So here I am, in true "me" fashion, finally starting something that I put off because I just couldn't figure out how to do it perfectly. Naming a blog, choosing which of my favorite family photos will become "blog worthy,” what to write about, and who will read it...not starting one was so much easier than making decisions! But my kiddos deserve this blog. And I need a place to document this overwhelming, heart-stretching, bursting-with-pride, head-over-heels, unconditional love I feel for them. Because my biggest fear is that they won't know.

So I am jumping in, imperfectly.

My vision for this space was a beautiful page filled with eloquently written posts proclaiming my love for these two little people who so perfectly completed my heart and instantly defined me. And amidst those perfect posts would be over-the-top documentation of their lives because, lately, I have felt, more than ever, that my babies (my 12 & 9 year-old-babies) are growing up entirely too fast. The journal that I promised myself I would keep holds a mere and disappointing 3 pages, and according to the scrapbooks I promised myself I would create yearly Kyle is one and Jordan was just born. Sigh…

Fortunately I am letting go of my vision of what this blog should be and letting it become what it will. I am forgiving myself for not documenting our lives the way I envisioned and am loving myself for the gazillion pictures I insist on taking...daily. Photography is my favorite hobby and has been my way of documenting our lives...over-the-top style. Putting words to the pictures has always seemed so daunting because there really & truly are no words that adequately describe my feelings for this little family of mine. But that is what I am letting go of here. This blog only has to be “good enough” because perfect would be boring...right?!

I am completely overwhelmed by where to start, so I will just begin with a few of my recent favorite pics of Kyle & Jo, and save the perfect proclamations for another day (you’re welcome ;)

Kennebunkport, ME

My boy

Jo at Cannon mt. on new years eve

Kyle at Cannon

My girl

Hooray for blogging!


  1. Woo Hoo Jennifer Leigh! You did it and the kiddos aren't even in their twenties yet..Seriously though I am very proud of you and the visual we will now have to enjoy of your beautiful little family. (I know how far the scrapbooking got you!!!!) :)
    This will be a perfect way to go..thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Mom! I wish I had inherited your craftiness. I cherish the beautiful scrapbooks you made for me. Someday I hope to have this blog (or parts of it) made into books for Ky & Jo, like Ami did for Colton, Hunter & Ethan. That sorta counts as a scrapbook right?! Thanks for reading! Love you